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The PB&J Way

What to Expect in Every Class

Welcome to Pilates Barre & Joy by Christina, where we believe every class should be not just a fun workout, but the ultimate gift of selfcare.  It's time to shake up the definition of fitness because healthy bodies are not just forged though sweat and movement, but also by meeting our innate needs for connection and mindfulness. 

PB&J Signature classes, whether in-person or virtual, include a carefully crafted sweat sesh, mindfulness breather, and an opportunity to connect with your workout tribe.  Although "Post-Class Chats" are always optional, creating a positive and uplifting community is at the heart of who we are.


Join us today and experience how a little PB&J goes a long way to help you


Classes Available

  • Pilates-Barre Fusion class designed to stretch you in all the ways.

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