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Let's share some PB&J

All PB&J classes, whether in-person or virtual, include a carefully crafted sweat sesh, mindfulness breather, and an opportunity to connect with your workout tribe.  Although "Post-Class Chats" are always optional, creating a positive and uplifting community is at the heart of who we are. We believe every class should be not just a fun workout, but the ultimate gift of selfcare.  It's time to shake up the definition of fitness because healthy bodies are not just forged though sweat and movement, but also by meeting our intrinsic needs for connection and mindfulness.

(**Virtual Class option )


Barre Classic

Tuesday 9:00am, Friday 10:30am**

Ballet inspired workout focused on helping you find your inner dancer through dynamic flow of traditional barre movements performed to the beat of the music with a ballet bar, or similar support, for stability. Emphasis on proper form, posture, body alignment, and incorporating multiple muscle groups in each progression series to leave your body and spirit feeling stronger than ever.

Barre Blaze

Monday 9:00am**, Thursday 10:30am, Saturday 9:45am**

Ballet inspired workout with traditional barre movements performed to the beat of the music focused on creating higher cardio output and greater muscle endurance through faster paced progression sets and longer periods of repetition. This class will have less reliance on the ballet bar and may be performed without balance support in its entirety to bring out that quintessential barre shake and burn.

Pilates Mat Blast

Monday 10:30am, Thursday 9:00am**

Complete core strengthening workout focused on Pilates principles of proper body alignment, posture, and stability. Your complete core includes muscles in the torso, thighs, hips, glutes and hamstrings. This class is designed to challenge the strength thresholds of all these muscle groups with control and intensity while increasing flexibility and improving mobility.

PBJ Flexy Focus

Tuesday 10:30am**, Friday 9:00am

This class combines all the best PB&J elements to create a fun, full-body Pilates-Barre fusion workout performed to the beat of the music with greater emphasis on flexibility and lengthening of muscles through increased extensions, range of motion, and joint mobility exercises. A seamless flow of movements requiring only a mat and towel to wipe the well-earned sweat.

Barre Express (45 mins)

Wednesday 9am

A little taste of PB&J Barre with your virtual tribe.  (This class is only offered over ZOOM.)

Pilates Express (45 mins)

Saturday 11:15am

A little taste of PB&J Pilates with your virtual tribe. (This class is only offered over ZOOM)

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